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the original premium cauldron

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Our mission

We help those who like to bake and cook good things in the open air with friends and family. We provide them with an experience with Totem that makes them want to prepare a delicious meal again and again, all together, carefree, with pleasure.

Introducing our original premium garden cooking products,

learn about the history of MOZAIK Totem!

       Why cooking?

We really like to cook, we really like our bellies, we love good cauldron food, and we also love nature very much.

It has been formulated in us several times during garden parties to create a garden cook in which we combine all the positive qualities, our own experiences, such as:

It can be used anywhere, outdoors, in the garden, on the terrace or even by the pool.

Anytime, in the sun, in the wind, or even in the rain.

Our goal is to create a lasting, tangible product, and for everyone who buys from us to use it, make cooking an experience and fun!

This is how the MOZAIK Totem was born!

This was the first, followed by the Grill, Lid, Spoon and so on, we don't stop at the "point enough" accessories.

With Totem, we bring cauldron flavors into your home! In addition to the MOZAIK Totem, we have designed accessories that, when used with the MOZAIK Totem, provide a real taste experience, such as the Grill, the Iron Plate, or the essential accessory for cooking in the cauldron, the essential accessory for ironing, the shovel, the grilling in the tweezers, check them out in our webshop. 


MOZAIK Totem dimensions, technical characteristics:

HEIGHT: 70 cm

BREADTH: 28 cm

DEPTH: 40 cm

Main structure, Totem body 150x150mm profile, 5mm material thickness.

Welding seams on the main structure are 8mm.

Heat-resistant painting in 3 layers.

On the Totem body ring, our products fit with a smaller ring, which prevents them from tipping over, and since we use a circular ring, they can be rotated in any direction.

What pots can we put on MOZAIK Totem?

Goulash cauldron varieties

Juice-soup kettle varieties

MOZAIK Iron plate

Wok pots

Disc utensils


MOZAIK Totem is a more closed combustion chamber.

Thanks to the more closed combustion chamber, the efficiency is better.

The wood burns in the combustion chamber, not in the feed opening.

No smoke comes out through the feeder.

The heat is approx. 95% flows to the kettle, less heat loss.

It needs more energy and less wood.

The air flow can be regulated by opening and closing the drawer.

There is a fire grate in it.

The ash can be easily poured out of the drawer.

Its center of gravity is optimal, a roll-over protection device has been installed.

MOZAIK Totem ensures the perfect stew,

because these 3 factors are realized:

the combustion environment is adequate,

adequate airflow for combustion,

dry wood (it's up to you).

Thus, the temperature is ideal for cooking as well as in the combustion chamber to burn the soot, thus removing the disturbingly large smoke from the process, but the food retains the taste of the food cooked on the fire in the same way.

Before production, we designed and drew our products, we made a small video about it, which became 2 and a half minutes, if you have that much time then check it out.


Why is MOZAIK Totem the best choice?

Perhaps one of the most important things when cooking in a cauldron is not to be afraid of fire, be confident. If you are already an experienced cook, or if you are just starting to cook and cook in the garden, then Totem is for you. We will help you with the first steps, teach you how to use Totem professionally, and if you are already undergoing treatment, you are guaranteed to prepare delicious cauldron food.

"... Totem does not smoke at operating temperatures!"

MOZAIK Totem benefits:

- Easy to light

- Its height is ideal

- Easy to use

- You can use it anywhere

- You can easily reload it while cooking, for example, if the weather turns bad

- You need little dry wood to use

- Closed combustion chamber, ash remains

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to ignite, how easy it is to cook with Totem, no matter what happens in the meantime, even if the weather turns bad! The first thing about our MOZAIK Totem is to have a dry hardwood of the right size that you will cook with. If you have this, everything will go smoothly. We will help you in this as well, you can also get this most important ingredient from us.

With MOZAIK Totem You can be the Michelin-starred Chef of the garden parties, everyone's eyes will be on you, you will be the one who puts the delicious food on the table, and you will choose who can taste the cauldron food while cooking.


All you have to do is choose the place where you want to cook, with Totem you can even be at the center of the garden party as you put it down wherever you want.

When you're done with this, you can cook for 2.5 minutes after lighting, and you control the atmosphere and experience of cooking.

The Totem will turn you into a real master chef and you will already be in the limelight among your guests or even in the eyes of your neighbors.

With the MOZAIK Totem, if you are cooking or frying meat or vegetables, you do not have to bend it, because its height is 70 cm, the cauldron is just as high on it as if you were cooking at a kitchen counter, it is up to you to use it to the maximum.

Many have noted that this Totem is only this size, but when they started using it, they felt that but good, it was just ideal for its height. In design, height was also a priority for us.


Our products


For barbecue lovers, we've made a compact charcoal grill where we can make every delicious snack we can think of. We can make roast chestnuts, all kinds of vegetables, meats, put meat, vegetables, cheeses or even all kinds of seafood on the shashlik stick.

After the Main Dish, if we eat dessert, we can make chimney cake on it, the real chimney cake on Lake Balaton, but if we are already at Lake Balaton, we can also bake all kinds of fish on it, from bream to catfish.



This is a really good choice for those who love their bellies.

With the iron plate we can make dishes that taste in us for a long time, it is incredible when you fry the food in its own quasi-fat. The food stays so juicy, it blushes a bit, the taste is incredible. You can do anything on it, if you're good enough, we've made fried eggs on it too.

Try the stainless steel version.

We recommend it mainly for those who don't like the hassle of cleaning up after baking or who can't be bothered with the iron plate. With the stainless iron plate, rusting can be avoided.


Essential accessories

We will prepare for you the accessories that are essential for garden stewing, grilling, or even ironing. We also use these, and yes, when we take out the right accessory for the occasion, the guests always remember that not anymore, that's it ?!

When designing our accessories, the main consideration was that we could rotate, scrape or swirl the food as easily and safely as possible. All our accessories are made of 2mm thick stainless steel, individually manufactured, to a lesser extent by machine and then finished by hand.

Our accessories are really well in hand, we will be confident in their use as we have full control over the control.


- Made of 2mm stainless material

- 30cm and 45cm in two sizes

- both right and left handed

- easy to keep clean


- Made of 2mm stainless material

- 36cm long

- both right and left handed

- easy to keep clean


- Made of 2mm stainless material

- 28.5 cm long

- both right and left handed

- easy to keep clean

MOZAIK Tészta kanál

- Made of 2mm stainless material

- 28.5 cm long

- both right and left handed

- easy to keep clean

MOZAIK Csipesz

- Made of 2mm stainless material

- 28.5 cm long

- both right and left handed

- easy to keep clean


We've made a short film in which we try to show everything about how our Totem works and the tricks that show how easy it is to use.

Many of you have asked how tall the Totem is, so now we stand by it. :-) You can see that it's right at your fingertips. :-) and what's super is that our cauldron is one-handed, so we can stir the food with one hand, we don't have to catch the cauldron in the meantime. :-)

Thanks for watching the movie, if you have any questions feel free to write! 

We compared our Totem to a traditional cooking place. I'll tell you at the beginning that we cooked slambucos with both of us.

The big difference was that the fire burned more evenly in the Totem, the fire almost went out twice as much as the traditional one, and the Totem had no smoke and heat flowing upwards, so it was not disturbing unlike a traditional cooking place. The Totem needed much less wood. We cooked the slambuc at both, it became very delicious.

If someone wants us to cook for them too, write to us!

We have designed, drawn, manufactured, tried and even cook with it ever since!


Works very well, we recommend it to anyone! Super to cook with it! :-) We make it for you too, if you want, you can even make it unique!

Our first movie!

Please welcome!

We would like to present our first cauldron product, which we named Totem within the MOZAIK family. We are convinced that cooking will become simpler, more economical and more mobile. We recommend Totem to those who like to cook good outdoors, love delicious food, and their bellies.


This is how to cook with the MOZAIK Totem

We made the MOZAIK Totem and I want to make it known to those who like to cook in the pot as soon as possible. That's why we approached Tom on Tik Tok. Here we got cold - warmth, and that was the answer, look at this too.

We go further down the road and believe in the MOZAIK Totem!

The first encounter with the MOZAIK Totem. You can see how easy ignition is. It is very important to burn the Totem the first time you use it to harden the paint. This makes painting much more durable.

brgs_thamek_official - Tomi baked a very delicious Gyros (TAVERNA) with MOZAIK Totem and Iron. It worked very nicely if you are interested in watching this short video.

You must have it too!

Write to us here in the chat, feel free to ask us.

If you have any questions about MOZAIK Totem, feel free to ask!